Orion’s Kitchen offers culinary instruction for cooks at every level. It doesn’t matter if your favorite kitchen tool is your iPhone and take out is your thing, or if you’re more at home with a microwave and a frozen TV dinner. All you need is a passion to learn and a desire to make and enjoy great food.

The mission of Orion’s Kitchen is to help you put the joy back into your cooking. To do this, he starts by helping you get the most out of your kitchen. Here are the some ways that Chef Orion can share his expertise with you at home:

Drawer Diving

An assessment of the kitchen tools you have and advice on how to use them. Then based on your level of culinary commitment and your available surface area. He will make recommendations about what you need and what might need to be donated to Goodwill.

Knife Coaching

Some people have life coaches, others have knife coaches. Chef Orion is a bit of both.  Learn how to keep those knives sharp and how to make julienne fries in seconds! 

Pantry Raid

Learn how to plan menus and prepare food for the day, week, holiday season and any special event. Stock your pantry for anything, even a surprise visit from the in-laws!  If the surprise guests do drop by, rest assured my classes can include recipes for mixing amazing cocktails. 

Brown-Bag It

Food shopping strategies to save you time, money and headaches. Learn to compare the costs of eating out versus eating in. Experience the joy of saving!  Leftovers are Chef Orion’s family’s favorite lunches at home and at work.

Extreme Cuisine

Advanced training sessions for you die-hard foodies out there. Dial it up or down, depending on your appetite for culinary complexity. Chef Orion will set up a Knife Fight episode if needed or wanted.

Instructional Catering

Turn the party prep into the party itself. Combine event catering with guest participation and culinary demonstrations to create an entertaining experience your guests won’t forget.  FYI: this is a high end teaching event, so market price would apply.

Personalized Recipes

A collection of recipes that fit your culinary style, prepared for you by Chef Orion après instruction. If you want Grandma’s or Grandpa’s apple pie to come to life, Chef Orion can make it happen.  Family recipes are closest to his heart and he will trade upon request with no extra charge.

Call Orion today at (415) 606-8194 or email him Orion@OrionsKitchen.com